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Russian Language for Foreign Nationals (Nur-Sultan)

Dear friends,
We know that living in Kazakhstan would be more beneficial with improved knowledge of Russian Language. It will help adjust to the country, make new contacts, carry out basic tasks in shops, at work, in the street, in meetings as well as will simplify your business affairs with Russian speaking partners, and promote your interests in CIS, Eastern Europe and Baltic states. Real Russian wishes to become a part of your success, and we are glad to offer you our company’s services.
We offer:
Main programme:
 Three levels for adults: basic, intermediate, advanced levels.
 Hour-long classes, 3 times per week, 10 week course (30hours in total)
 Plus intensive 4 week course, 1.5 hours per day Protected content , usually taken in summer)
Protected content programmes and courses (for students of intermediate and advanced levels):
 Business Russian
 About oil in Russian (O&G field)
 Let’s discuss Global issues together!
 Media
 Russian cinema
 Russian culture, traditions and customs
 Russian idioms, proverbs and sayings
 Written Russian
 Russian poetry (intonation, phonetics, rhythm)/ Pushkin as Russian Everything
 Russian history in events and people’s lives
 Political Russian (international affairs field)
 Such a different Russia! (a geographical course about Russia)
 Training course for TORFL (Test of Russian as Foreign Language)
 Super-intensive 2 week programme “Total Immersion”
Why us?
- We offer an effective and interesting way to learn the language;
- We are oriented to small Protected content , middle Protected content , and standard Protected content groups as well as to individual classes;
- Our teachers are highly experienced professionals;
- We use methods that are proven over time to really work;
- We have our own unique programmes;
- We offer a structured approach to the learning-teaching process, with quality control;
- Use communicative and personal approach during our classes;
- We offer the best pricing in the city;
- All classes are held in a comfortable and friendly environment.

We also provide a free diagnostic class to help you form groups and make an optimal schedule, for those who learned Russian before we will offer a test to assess their level.
Our contact numbers: Protected content Protected content
E-mail: Protected content

Best wishes,
Alexandra Krassiyenko
Managing Director, Senior Teacher

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