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Things about Astana (Nur-Sultan)

Hi everyone,

I am currently assessing my options now for an academic position at NU in Astana.

I never been to Astana or any part of Central Asia. So could anyone of you give me some info about the following:
1. weather? culture? people? architecture? food?
2. My position will be assistant professor and based on my understanding, will be entitled a one bedroom apartment? How’s the size of the apartment? Do they have what we need? (Oven, fridge, dryer and washing machine)
3. Am a single so would be keen to know if there would be any potentials around? How do they see expats?
4. How big is the university? Are there many expats living there? What nationalities generally?
5. I heard that cost of living is very high in Astana due to the landlocked location, just wonder if you could give me a few examples like how much you paid in Europe/Australia in comparisons to Astana?
6. Do expats date expats? LOL
7. Did you feel the isolation when you were there?
8. Did you enjoy working there before your departure?
9. I heard that expats generally work there for a year and then leave, so wonder if thats the case? I am hesitant to do that so work condition is crucial for me.
10. Do they have Chinese/Dim sum/Japanese food over there? How pricy are they? I only take pork and chicken, just wonder if they are widely available in a muslim country.
11. Any kickboxing centres or fitness? Soccer?
12. What do expats do during weekend? any social events?

Thanks heaps for your help in advance


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