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Back to Florida for Two Years Now... (Orlando)

Hi All --

I haven't been here for awhile and thought I'd bump up the forum. I'm American, originally from Ohio, and have been in Orlando for 13 years, minus two in Dubai. My husband is British, and gained his USC a couple of years ago.

Internations' Dubai forum was so incredibly helpful to me in adjusting to my new life there, and also building business.

Why am I still on Internations when I'm a Yank back stateside? Well, for work, for about 15 years, I've worked as an intermediary helping folks find business opportunities that qualify mainly for E-2 and L-1 visas to the States. I am NOT plugging my services here at all. However, as we don't have many Floridians who are familiar with the variety alphabet soup of visas, though I specialize in a few (as a non-attorney), I'm pretty familiar with other visas such as H1B, O, J, etc.

I suppose that part of what I do should belong in the Expat Q&A section of this forum, but I figured that part of this Town Talk subpage is to talk about living in Orlando in general. So, if you're new to town, or thinking about making the big move to the City Beautiful, please shoot your questions here.

A lot of expats (and Americans moving here from out of state) start their journey closer to the attractions, such as Claremont, Dr. Philips, Kissimmee, etc, all which are lovely. But the Orlando metro area has so many different neighborhoods and a variety of options, so before you sign that lease or buy your home, I hope you can come here to discuss and ask questions. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that most resident members here would be happy to share some insight.

Cheers all and have a good week.

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