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Looking for job in USA (Orlando)


I am Eliabe. I am an 18-year-old male from Brazil.

I am a high school graduate. I have experience working as a translator, administrative assistant, and warehousing assistant. I'm also currently being trained as a telemarketing operator for a multinational cell phone company.

I took a basic course on administrative services and telemarketing last year.

I also have some experience in the arts as I took painting Protected content , Protected content , singing Protected content drama Protected content .

I have friends in Jersey City (they own an institution there and they said they can help me once I get there) and in Florida, Maryland and Texas and I am looking for any job opportunities in USA, in or out of Jersey City. I am currently working three jobs here in Brazil in order to save up for the visa and plane tickets.
However, if you wish to pay for my tickets and/or visa, I would allow you to compensate your loss of funds by subtracting them from my own salary or by working extra hours.

It can be any type of job -- in or out of my fields of experience. If it requires special training, I might be able to take it before leaving but you would have to let me know beforehand.

If you can help me find a job or know anyone who can, please contact me as soon as possible. I will highly appreciate your help as this is really important to me.

Thanks for reading.


Eliabe Vidal.

P.S.: Do not be surprised to find this same text or a similar one on other InterNations Forums. I have used it on a few Canadian forums as I also have friends in Canada.

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