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Moving to Orlando


I am a Canadian now resident in Montreal. Protected content a journalist.)

It looks likely - don't count your chickens - that my wife - a scientist - may be offered a job in Orlando at a Medical City Institute.

Our biggest concern is the cost of daycare down there. Not to give anybody there a heart attack but our daycare up here - government subsidized - is $7 a day. I have been hearing about likely costs of $ Protected content so for our 15 month old daughter. Talk about sticker shock! Any suggestions?

Also thoughts for where to start looking for housing?

Lastly, I lived in Los Angeles for an extended period, and also New York City. So I am very familiar with life in the U.S. But I am wholly ignorant of life in Florida, specifically there in Orlando. Can anybody please give a sense of your life there? Liveability? Culturally? I read Internet threads on moving to Orlando that were none too positive, but assume those are the naysayers.

Many thanks.

All the best,


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