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Who is Selim Can Alkoç? (Orlando)

Hi World,

My name is Selim Can Alkoç. I'm 23 years and I live in Istanbul, Turkey. I'm currently studying Information Technology in one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey, where I hope to graduate next year with flying colors.

I've started this blog as a way of building friends and network. I have always been amazed and attracted by the powers of the Internet.

Back when I was freshman, I got introduced to a senior IT student who earns $21,000 USD per month while studying. He's still a student yet he managed to earn more money than those professionals who are working full time. Out of my curiosity, I befriended him and tried to learn as much as possible about what he does to earn such amount of money. That's when I learned about blogging.

Initially, I thought of creating a blog about my travel adventures but I won't be traveling much especially that I will have my internship early next year and I wouldn't have time to travel. I thought of starting a blog about Turkey - its people and culture. But knowing that there are already a lot of authority blogs created for that purpose, I decided to do the next best thing, to create a blog about myself - about Selim Can Alkoç!

This blog will be more of a personal diary about my journey through life. I'm sure I'm not the most interesting person in the world but I definitely have a lot of interesting stories to share. One of these stories is my encounter with Pope John Paul II and my journey to becoming a Catholic. In my future post, I will be talking about my experience and the deciding factors that made me convert to Christianity.

That's it for my first blog post. Do watch out for my next post - Selim Can Alkoc And His Journey Back To Rome!

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