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Driving to Costa Rica with a Rental Car (Panama City)


Hello Panama!

I will be vacationing in Panama and Costa Rica from December 17th through January 8th. We will be flying into and out of Panama City.

I'm looking for information about rental cars. Can you drive a rented car from Panama into Costa Rica and vice-versa?

I'd love to know any local secrets for restaurants, places to see and places to avoid. Not to be a total buzz kill, but I'll be traveling with my 50 year old mother (who is an avid marathon-runner and loves horticulture, cooking and bird watching: she's hip and with it).

I would love to meet up while in Panama city and learn more about life as an expat. If you want me to bring anything small from the US not prohibited by US or Panamanian law (like your favorite brand of candy bar) I'd be happy to do so.


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