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I need some help! Living in Panama (Panama City)

Hello everyone!

I am very excited to say that I'm planning on becoming an Expat in the next 6 months. I've been debating between a few different locations but my money is on Panama right now.

Here is my situation:

- I'm 25
- I require a reliable internet connection (I make all my money online)
- I would like to be near the beach (beach view or walking distance if possible)
- At this time I only speak English
- I have a monthly budget of $ Protected content is an estimate. I actually have a bigger budget then this but $ Protected content less would be ideal as I am trying to keep my cost-of-living as low as possible, so I will have more resources at my disposal to grow my business)
- I hold Canadian Citizenship
- I am a permanent US resident living in Arizona
- I have never lived anywhere but USA and Canada
- I intend to Live in Panama Protected content out of the year.

With that being said, what are the things I should know before traveling and living in Panama:

- Where should I be looking (online) to find a place to rent? What should I expect to Pay?
- What Cities should I be considering?
- Any local customs or cultural differences that I should be aware of?
- Places to avoid?
- Anything else that would be valuable preparation knowledge?

In addition, if anyone has knowledge on how difficult it is to setup an LLC in Panama as a foreigner, along with any other useful legal, tax, business advice I would highly appreciate it!

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