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Independance day from Spain on 28 November (Panama City)

Panama celebrates independence from Spain with drums and trumpets on Monday 28 November. On November 28, the country commemorates the anniversary of its independence from Spain. Back in Protected content , when a group of gentlemen met in Panama City to break ties with the Spanish crown, the country decided to become a Colombian province instead of raising a flag of its own. Eighty-two years later, on November 3, Protected content , Panama seceded from Colombia and the Republic of Panama was finally born.

Although November 3rd is regarded as Panama’s National Day, Panamanians do not forget to honor the day in which they ceased to be Spanish subjects. As with other holidays observed this month parades are the traditional way in which Isthmians observe November 28. Big parades in downtown Panama City take place on November 3 and 4, however usually only suburban communities organize parades on the 28th

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