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InterNations Business Networking in Panama City

We are getting ready for our first Networking Group Get Together.

The format of each Get Together will be:

First half: A 30 minute presentation by a Speaker about a topic related to ding business or commerce in Panama.

Second half: A 30 minute presentation by one of our Internations Members that wishes to showcase their business or service and their experience in the Panama market, or if they have investment opportunities others should know about (investment products, members looking for business partners, etc.).

If you wish to be one of our guest speakers or promote your business, service or investment opportunity, please take not of the following:

1. You must join the Group through the Internations web page.

2. Send me a message or email stating one of the following:

a. For Speakers: what topic you wish to address and what are you credentials in order to talk about this subject.

b. For Business Showcase: what type of business you wish to showcase (an operational business or an investment opportunity).

c. If you will bring any type of additional type of support (flyers, demonstration equipment, people that will support your presentation, etc.)

Hope to see you at our meetings!


Group Moderator
Panama City Co-Ambassador
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