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Introducing the Two (2) Minute Business Ad!!! (Panama City)

Many times when asked the question; "tell me about yourself" in a business environment, we all cringe a little.

The purpose of the Two Protected content business ad is to prepare ourselves for these moments. The Chinese define "luck" as preparation meets opportunity. In business, these are two vital components for success in all endeavors. This exercise is all about being "ready" when the opportunity presents itself. Nevertheless, what you put into business is what you get out of it.

So roll up your sleeves and prepare. Your Two Protected content business ad may even become your own personal elevator pitch! Your ad should cover the basic points of what you do, who you are and what do is needed for you, your enterprise or business to get to the next level! Engaging others with confidence, means that we are one step closer to success on the business playing field!!

Suggestions for creation of your Two Protected content business ad:

* Who are you?
* What do you do or what do you want to do?
* Do you work for a company, employed or just looking for direction or step to take next?
* Describe what product or services your business offers or skills that you have to offer.
* Who or what are you looking for to connect to take your business to the next level?

These are just guidelines and be as creative as you wish.

Happy Networking Everyone!!!!

Your IN Panama City Business Networking Consuls,
Fabrizio, Michaelle & BC

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