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Men and my top 3 expat choices this Fall... (Panama City)

I've narrowed down my list of countries to move to from 5 to 3--Mexico, Panama or Ecaudor. As I continue to look closer at the last three standing, I'm becoming more confident that Mexico will not be the one since I am from California and wouldn't really feel that I've gotten away from America the way I want to. The downside though is that while Panama is looking very good, Ecaudor's cost of living is a bit less, and Mexico is home to the largest expat community in the world.

I am ready to move by the Fall (September at the latest); I will start my visits to these three places in April, and will be in Panama specifically April Protected content .

Although I have everything I need to move and am ready to make the transition in the fall, I have 2 concerns that I need help to completely resolve:

Protected content . I am 34 and not sure if I will have a good chance to find a man to date in Panama as well as I would find in Mexico (not sure what the pool is like); my target age range for possible long-term relationship is as much as 5 years younger, and up to ten years older than my own age. I've agonized whether I should look for love here in the states with a man who wouldn't mind moving to Panama or Ecuador with me; but the biggest reason I'm leaving the states in the first place is to broaden my exposure to culture and men who are not too heavily Americanized.

Protected content . I need to find out how I will be able to receive my medications with ease from the Veterans Health Administration.

Other than that I'm excited about visiting and making my final decision where to establish my dual citizenship. Can anyone help?

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