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Problems Paying for Albatross Membership (Panama City)

I know a lot of people face issues trying to updgrade.
I copied this from support page:

Protected content

If my credit card is valid, why was my payment unsuccessful?


Being a global company, we utilize the services of two Protected content providers. These payment providers are Computop and Global Collect. Sometimes, it may occur that a credit card is not approved by one of these financial providers and causes some payment-related anomaly which is in no way reflective of your financial status.

If you select one subscription period (e.g. 12-month membership) and your upgrade fails, please select a different subscription period and try again. We recommend selecting the 3-month membership period if the first or second attempt fails to be processed, as it may occur that your financial institution is blocking payments that exceed a certain amount of money.

If the options above do not work, we kindly ask you to contact Protected content with the following information:

What type of credit card did you use? (issuing bank, date of expiry, Visa/MasterCard)?

When did the error occur (step Protected content ?

Which membership period did you choose (3 months, 6 months, "Special Start Offer")?

Please also include any additional information that may be of use.

Hope it helps!


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