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Residency (Panama City)

Have posted previously about our problems with getting criminal record check authenticated, due to being in North Cyprus (unrecognised country). Now trying to work out whether it would be possible or easier to just move over as a tourist and leave every 3 months for the required number of years and then would I qualify for a Panamanian police check instead? Would they accept this as your residence for the previous years? Also still wondering how to overcome the problem of being a non married couple applying for a pensionado visa. He has a pension but I don't so need to be a dependant but don't want to have to get married to do it. Shame, but beginning to think I will have to wait another 7 years until I am 60 and receive a pension of my own, and in the meantime move to an EU country. Really wanted to get there within the next year but beginning to feel it isn't going to be possible. If anyone has any ideas I would be grateful. At the moment it's looking like we might have to move to Portugal or somewhere for 5 years or so before we can get to Panama.

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