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Tap water now safe for human consumption (Panama City)

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) is continuing with their analysis of drinking water produced at the treatment plants in Chilibre.

This was confirmed on Wednesday by Minister of Health, Franklin Vergara, who noted that Minsa did not find any bacteria in the micro-biological tests performed during the period of the water crisis.

On the Telemetro news program, Vergara reiterated that technicians from the ministry will only carry out their studies during one shift.

The official added that Minsa has always monitored the water consumed in Panama. "This is not due to the crisis alone...We have always done this – responsibly - at the Department of Water Analysis in the Ministry of Health," he asserted.

The minister went on to explain that the Gorgas Memorial Laboratory will perform different types of studies on the water, daily.

Vergara said that, during the last two weeks, the test results have been excellent, and as such, the water is now potable.

The crisis over the lack of drinking water in the districts of Panama and San Miguelito lasted for 48 days. However, officials announced on Tuesday that the water was safe for human consumption.

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