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Thoughts on moving with a family to Panama? (Panama City)

Hi everyone,

We are considering a move with my husband's company to Panama in 4 months time. I'd love any input you could offer us - after doing research, I still feel that I need more real-life input on what life is really like.

- schools: we have a 4 year old and an almost 2 year old. If we'd like the 4 year old to continue his Mandarin and start learning Spanish, would you recommend any specific international schools? How about the best daycares for my 2 year old?
- I currently work part-time for a Big 4 firm in the U.S. Does anyone have experience trying to either stay with your US company and working from Panama or getting a job in Panama - can a "trailing spouse" find work / are they allowed to work based on immigration requirements?
- Is it common for expats to have domestic help? I'd read this somewhere, but wasn't sure if it was common and if you'd recommend it.
- what are the preferred expat neighbourhoods? We are a very active family.
- how safe is Panama on a day-to-day basis with children? We are currently living in the U.S. - interested as to how it compares. various reports paint very different pictures.

Thank you so much for your thoughts!

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