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WATER CRISIS EXPANDS – boil and filter warning (Panama City)

I got this to day and i think it is important to share this info.

This morning the water was coming out weird, almost sticky, it is reddish too. Yesterday it was gray and sometimes it leaves soapy bubbles in my water containers, not like the teeny ones that disappear from the bottom up.. I mean bubbles as in soapy bubbles that sit on top of the water.
If chlorine, is regulated and not over kill, it could be okay. However, this is Panama, they might not have a clue what they are doing since this is the first time this kind of situation has happened.

(see soapy water above) :)

WATER CRISIS EXPANDS – boil and filter warning
Wednesday, 05 January Protected content

After suffering through long spells with no water, Panamanians have been told not to drink water coming from the Chilibre treatment plant until it has been boiled. Boil for 8 minutes .

From the tap it is is not potable (suitable for human or animal consumption).

The warning comes from Minister of Health, Franklin Vergara, who blames them crisis on the turbidity and the the fact that chlorination is not working effectively.

Vergara suggests that the water coming from the tap should be boiled then left it sit for a few minutes, and filtered it with either a standard filter or a piece of white cloth.

The Minister said that monitoring carried out by the Ministry of Health (MINSA) has not yet detected bacteria or microorganisms, but water should be boiled as a precautionary measure.

No date has been set for the lifting of the warning.

Officials from MINSA's Water and Sanitation Department are carrying out six tests per day to check the water quality. "The turbidity has not decreased and chlorination has not had the desired effect" said Vergara."

Don't give the water to your pets either! Chlorine in excess amounts can be harmful to humans and pets.

Please also think about Restaurants.
Eating salads is not recommended at this time in restaurants as they are washed in the sink and the water is not fit for human consumption.
Try not to use ICE in restaurants. This is more than likely not boiled before being frozen.
Remember, Water might not smell bad or taste bad to be bad.

These are common mistakes when people travel to other countries and there is water issues.

So, better safe than sorry!


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