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What you need to cross the border with your car! (Panama City)

It might be said before about it.. Few week's ago we cross the border with our car to Costa Rica. The process to get all the paper to do it, is a bit pain in the !"/$%?& but we manage to do it. Since we had hard time to get all the answer on what we need i took a picture of the document list you will need to cross the border.

1-Certification de aduanas para salida del pais---- Protected content
2-Registro único de propiedad vehicular------------ Protected content
3-Revisado Vehicular (certificado de inspection vehicular-transito) 2copias
4-Paz y salvo municipal-recibo de placa y traspasos solo si hubo venta del vehiculo y el revisado aparece a nombre del propietario anterior 1copia(aduana)
5-Cedula del propietario o pasaporte y es extranjero copias de carnet de migration de residencia--- Protected content
6-De no ser el propietario, deberá presentar la autorización notaria-------- Protected content
7-si el vehiculo es esta hipotecado, nota del acreedor hipotecario, autorizado la salida del vehiculo, fuera del país…..Carta original de Aduana-transito-DIJ
8- Salvoconducto o permiso del transito--- Protected content Aduana
9-Autorizacion o tramite de salida del vehiculo de DIJ-- Protected content

I recommend to do more then 4 copy each. Number 6 and 7 are'nt necessary if you are the owner.

To get those paper count at least 2 to 5 day's

After that you free to go...................... hope that will help some people's and save them time!

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