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Civil Engineering opportunities in Australia (Perth)

Hi everyone,

At the end of April Protected content will finish my bachelor degree in civil engineering. I'm also working in the same time so I'll have a year experience in the field. I travelled to Australia before and loved the coutry an I would like to establish myself there as soon as I finish my studies. I would like to know if there is still good opportunities for civil engineers around Perth?? I've read a few forums from Protected content were saying that the employment for engineers was very good but is the situation still the same now?

Also I was thinking about obtaining a year visa that I can extend to a 2 years visa first and when I find a job, start the procedures to get a permanent stay visa. Would you say that this is a good way to proceed or would anyone propose something else?

If you know any engineers working around Perth that could answer my questions and who know about the current employment situation for people like me please let me know!

Thanks for any advice, it will be really appreciated!


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