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Storage options (w/ potential of needing shipping) (Perth)

We are here on a Protected content visa, but my husband's job was just made redundant, so our understanding is that we have 90 days for one of us to find new sponsored employment or we have to leave the country. We want to stay in Australia, so are willing to remain flexible but want to keep our options open.

That being said, has anyone used a good company here in Perth for storing household items that also ships to the US? Over the next 3 months, we may end up staying with friends, going to Melbourne, Sydney, etc to job hunt so may be giving up our rental. Ultimately (and perhaps, optimally), we may end up shipping our stuff intrastate, but it could also end up needing to go back to the US or be taken back out of storage in Perth.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


PS If you will be in the market for white goods and small appliances, flat screen TV/DVD player (less than a year old), a car Protected content Forester in excellent shape), in the next several months, please let me know. We may end up needing to sell these items.

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