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Validating foreign university diplomas: HELP! (Philadelphia)

Hi all! My husband and I have been in the Philly area since December Protected content . My husband has a work permit that will expire end of next year. We are here "on our own pocket" which means we do not have the luxury of a cushy company move... We find that settling in the US is very expensive and to be honest, people are not that interested in new friendships of serious depth.

Nevertheless, my husband's company told us they want to get a green card for him and by extension for me so that at least I will be free to seek employment, which I am not right now.

But now it turns out that my husband's university degree in business is not recognized here which will set us back more than a couple of year. I have heard of similar stories and remember somebody in Kentucky solving it by calling in the help of a particular institute.

Does anybody out there have the same experience? Anybody knows names of organizations that can fix this? I think my husband's qualifications are the same as a Master's degree in business.

He has had his own company for close to ten years but that, too, is not recognized as a valid qualification. He has worked for an employer since Protected content apparently the only way we can speed up the process is to wait another year so that he can show 5 years working experience.

This is driving me nuts. Any ideas??


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