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Are famous brands sold in PP fake or overruns? (Phnom Penh)

Hello fellow expats, as I observed there are plenty of famous clothing brands like gap, H&M, northface, kiplings, etc... being sold allover PP. But what I would like to know is, are these really fake items? Or are they simply factory rejects that did not pass the factory's quality standards and its just being sold at dirt cheap prices for disposal?

I brought someone at the Russian market a few weeks back and she felt robbed when she saw this H&M blouse she bought from the boutique and was surprised to see it hanging off the racks at the Russian Market for 4 dollars. So with that, I'm assuming it could be authentic clothes.

If these are indeed factory overruns, does anyone here know the locations of the factories? or factory outlets? I heard that you can buy these items by bulk and they give it at wholesale prices.

Also, aside from the Russian Market are there any place/person where we can buy these things?

If you know anything about my inquiries, please feel free to PM me for your much appreciated inputs.

Thanks in advance!

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