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Business Visa Howto (Phnom Penh)

Hey everyone,

I'm looking into moving out of the Philippines in a few months from now (not entirely sure yet) and am weighing my options by doing my homework to the best of my abilities, which means mostly online as there are no embassies in the city I live in.

So then, Cambodia sounds like a decent option for getting a longterm visa is said to be fairly easy if one has the cash. I'm wondering though what the exact process would be to get a one year business via?

Here are more definite questions:

* Can it be applied for right away at the airport/border or should I go with a regular 30 days one first and extend it using the local authorities?

* If I need to get the 30 day visa first, does that mean I effectively get 13 months?

* According to sources online, there is no definition on which documents are required to do this. So who had to hand in anything except for her/his passport and if so, what exactly?

* Does the business visa require me to file tax reports should I generate income during my stay in Cambodia?

Thanks so much in advance, any definite info would be highly appreciated!

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