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Introduction (Phnom Penh)

Good Day to everyone here,

My name is Suren, a German citizen from Stuttgart, originally from India..
I am a vegetarian, non-smoker, a teetotaller and a non-gambler. I don't do drugs and am spiritual by nature. I am also a student of wu shu, and a multilingual person (English, German and four Indian languages)

By training I am an International Trade specialist (The German Chamber of Industry and Commerce 2 years training) and I have 13 years of experience in freight forwarding (of which 8 years were as Trade Lane Manager India for the Indo-German and Indo-Swiss trade lanes). I have managed freight business on almost all the trade lanes (Australia, SE Asia, China, India, Africa,Europe, Americas. Airfreight). I have also 13 years experience as an English teacher. My favourite profession is teaching and I am planning to move to Cambodia to teach AND to render social service (NO missionary activity).

Although I am not a degree holed, I hold a TEFL Protected content from the UK. I am German citizen.

Any suggestions or help with teaching there or jobs or settling will be highly appreciated

Thank you

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