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Obstacles In Phnom Penh/Cambodia

Hi All,

I would like to ask if you would share what types of obstacles you have faced and how you have overcome them, as it would be helpful for those who have had and will have similar experiences, which in turn may help them.

My first experiences in Phnom Penh were controversial. I learned the worst parts of the language, and engaged with the wrong sorts of people.
When I used to go to the Markets (Psah Orrussey/Thmey/Chas/Toul Tompong), I would ask a seller for the price, and if I found it too much, I would try and haggle down, but then move on to the next stall and compare prices.
Big No-No. The sellers are in business, but they are also a community. If there is a price you cannot agree on, get over it, move on and try again. There are many stalls selling similar things, chances are you'll find what you want at the price you feel is fair.

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