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Schools and living areas (Phnom Penh)


Hello to all in PP,

we are a German family currently living in Montreal, Canada. My husband is in final stage of a job interview and we need to decide if we want to move to PP or not.
My biggest concern right now is the school. Both our kids are visiting the German school here in Montreal, and although there are German schools all over the world, there is none in PP. Does anyone have experience with the ISPP? What do you think about this school, faculty, quality, setup of the school etc.?

We are also thinking about which district would be most suitable to look for housing. Something close to school and with a green garden as we have 3 animals. Can someone recommend areas that we should focus on in order to limit our search?

Is PP petfriendly, e.g. are there dog parks somewhere?

Finally, the language Khmer, is that something we need to be concerned about or can we get around with English?

I dont even try to ask about medical things, I guess that has been discussed.:)

Any advice that you can give is highly appreciated.
Thanks a lot in advance for taking the time to respond.

Best Regards

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