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Stuck in PP - Looking for Everything (Phnom Penh)

A long story, but in the end I'm stranded here in Phnom Penh. But even through the worst of luck, a little good has prevailed. I do have a loaf of bread and a Cambodian-American is helping me out with a place to stay.

Now I'm trying to find work (teaching English for the time being -- I'm a computer programmer by trade). Not much luck in that department. No money to print CV's, nearby schools aren't hiring (I'm close to ACE school), and finding my way around town is almost impossible.

So... I thought I'd put a post here and see if I can't make some connections. I've been here a couple of weeks and really haven't met anyone. Hoping to get some advice, maybe a job lead, perhaps some cash work until I can find employment and get paid -- whatever. Heck, even a chance to meet other expats would be awesome.

I'm not even sure how the phone numbers work here, but I do have a metphone card. Numbers are below, I was told one of these is the phone number:
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PUK Protected content

Anyways, hope to meet someone out there!

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