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Moving to Pittsburgh area from Australia


Noticed that there is a similar post on this topic but it was discussed in Protected content am asking this question to members again. My family of three (husband, myself and 15 month old son) are looking to move to Pittsburgh area early Protected content . There are so many questions going through my head and thought I'd reach out to this community.

1. Which areas should be target to live at? At this stage my husband is looking at accepting a job posting at Warrendale PA. Where do we look up for areas that are family friendly / has other young families?

2. Whilst husband and son are American, I am Australian - am I able to apply for Green Card before hand to possibly take up some part-time work whilst there?

3. How difficult / easy is it for a mom to get a flexible part time job that will also fit int with family commitments? I had previously worked for one of the top four global professional services firm in Sydney Australia but have now taken a part-time role at one of the world's top 2% university that allows flexible working arrangements so that I can manage the family commitments as well. Not sure if this is common practice in Pittsburgh?

4. What are day cares and pre-schools like there?

5. How multicultural is the place? We are a inter-racial family and would like to know that our son will be able to "fit in" at school.

Are there any other things that I should be thinking of ? I look forward to getting some advice from forum members! :-)

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