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SUGGESTIONS FOR FUTURE EVENTS / Places & Times (Podgorica)

Dear All,

Considering our Montenegrin Expat Community is spread all around Montenegro, I would need your input on where and when is the best time and place to have our next monthly events.

About half of the community registered in Internations Montenegro is in Podgorica, it would be interesting to know if they prefer week gathering in the capital (which is the most popular in other worldwide communities), or rather saturday/sunday evening gatherings on the coast (like this first event)...

As for those living on the coast, are you likely to join an Internations event in Podgorica on a week day? On a saturday or Sunday evening?

Anyway, any input would be very useful for future events organization.

Also, feel free to suggest places you particularly like.
We recommend a location that is not too formal, but still have a certain ambience and elegance: Trendy cocktail lounges or casually chic hotel bars, a rustic restaurant with authentic Mediterranean cuisine, a good wine bar...


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