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R the Pacific islands doomed 4 political instability? or soon victims of the global climate change? (Polynesia)

My island Tahiti - French Polynesia has been plagued by political instability crippling our economy for the past Protected content , and to make things worse global recession and its effects are hitting our shores (less tourists travelling). New Caledonia has had its share of social upheavals in the 80's and only these years has its economy gotten better off. Then there's Fidji which already has had a long history of coups leading NZ to withdraw visa privileges recently to some government members because of that...

What happened to the languidness our South Seas isles were so famous for?

What are the stakes?

I don't mean that South Pacific nations should have the same regulated systems as in European countries, or the ressources of North American countries or the economic growth of Asian countries, but I always thought till now that it was a good place to live trouble-free...
What happened to the 'Pacific way'? that peaceful and wise way of governance from the early Pacific leaders?

And now, we're told that some of our atolls (esp Vanuatu) will be under the sea in the next couple of decades... isn't that big enough of an issue to stop fighting for who is going to be Prime Minister or President?

People like me at the IN Polynesia community who cherrish our island home, what can we do to change our politicians, get rid of corrupted-profit driven-deceitful individuals at the top jobs?

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