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my first post, a story (Porto Alegre)

Hello everyone.
I am new here, new and looking for help.
I am not even sure if it should be posted under that category, but well...
For you to understand why i am here, i will need to explain and tell a few things first.
I am from Brazil, i am 17 years old, i am blind.
A good point for me to start from, my computer.
As a blind, my computer is now everything for me. my way of study, my way of having fun, and since last year, my way of love.
i'm adicted to computers. i am a programmer, a reader (i read a lot, believe me), and i like to play games.
Last year, playing one of my favorite games (alteraeon, Protected content , i meet a girl from romania, the girl, the person who now is my girlfriend.
Both of us are blind, and most important, both of us are in love and want to meet each other.
I am looking for advices. you would say, ask your parents to help. Well, hers will, and it makes m sad and hurt, because mine don't want to let me go.
I am not lucky with my parents. They took care of me and everything, but they want to control my life, even now that i am almost Protected content will be 18 in 7 may). They don't want to let me go, they say that it is dangerous and all that.
Of course it is, but i want to know a place in this world that isn't.
I don't know exactly what to do. ok after i will be 18 things will be relatively ok because they don't have the right to stop me, but i'm sure that they will not give me my documents, even if it is one of my rightss to have them.
I want advices, i want help. How can i make it work, how can i find a flight
to go there?
Here isn't the first place where i posted and wrote about it. a complete plage with our story is also on my website ( Protected content ), and the direct link for the page with the complete story is here: Protected content
Also, a organization from romania is trying to help us too, the link to the facebook page is here: Protected content
I want to know what do you think, i want advices...and most important, if you can share it, please do, it would help me, it would help us a lot.

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