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anyone was at the Yeah Yeah Yeahs gig yesterday? (Prague)

I was there and it was amazing. I have been to countless concerts the last 10 years, but rarely saw a vocalist with the charisma of Karen O. We all knew she has an eccentric style of dressing and dancing, but she is so full of energy, she feels so damn comfortable on stage and her interaction with the crowd is fantastic. And it is all so spontaneous and so full of confidence, it is hard not to be charmed by that. Especially when meanwhile she does not miss a single note and performs her vocal duties so well.
Great gig, and I much enjoyed meeting Nick Zinner after the gig!

Now... I write reviews of albums and concerts. I however had no pen and paper with me to write down the setlist and unfortunately could not get my hands on one of the papers. Did anyone go to the gig at Roxy yesterday as well, and does anyone know the setlist? Would be a great addition to my review (which I am currently writing, but as my reviews tend to be detailed it always takes a few hours to complete them)

PS: pity Down Boy and Kiss Kiss were not played, especially Down Boy is such a great track. But still, I did not feel bored for a second and hardly even missed those tracks. Of the new stuff, I thought Skeleton was amazing, maybe even the absolute highlight of the concert.

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