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Do Czechs understand foreigners? (Prague)

Being a foreigner and trying to speak Czech in the Czech Republic can be quite difficult. As Czechs are not used to communicate with foreigners in Czech - Czechs always try to switch into English, eventhough their English might be even worse than your Czech.

Have you ever wondered why Czechs are doing it? Have you ever asked yourself if it is your fault? Have you ever had any doubts about your level of Czech?

I'm a student of Phonetics at the Faculty of Arts and I'm currently starting a research of non-native sounding Czech and about how it is perceived by native speakers. This topic is actually really underexplored compered to the research about English as foreign language.

I'm now looking for English native speakers, who are able to read a short Czech text and would be willing to help me with my research. I can of course help you with your Czech pronunciation in return :) (I do teach Czech pronunciation for foreigners at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University as well as in a language school here in Prague).

I would be really grateful for your help!