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Getting a Traffic Registration Number (TRN) in PTA (Pretoria)

Getting a Traffic Registration Number (TRN)

[Why do I need a TRN]
When you buy a car in South Africa, you need to register the purchase of the vehicle. A first step in this process is getting a Traffic Registration Number (TRN) - which is a registration of you as a person with the authorities in charge of vehicle and drivers licences.

The various websites we saw and printed lists we were handed all have a different idea of where to go and what documentation to bring. I can only relate what we personally experienced and which documents were asked of me. I will also add between brackets the documents that are listed out by the various organisations as mandatory, even when they were not asked for in our cases. Note that we only went through the "accompanying spouse" and "employed in South Africa" trajectories.

We were told that the official period the process takes is a month (!) even though the man behind the counter admitted that "if all is in order we can do the paperwork in an hour or two". We got a small paper slip with the date and number of our application and on the back the name of the agent helping you and his/her phone number. We suggest you call them after a week to see what the status of your application is.

[Where to go in Pretoria for a TRN]
Waltloo Vehicle Testing Grounds
Protected content Road
Waltloo / Silverton
telephone: Protected content
office hours: Protected content
Go through the little door on the right hand side of the platform, as you do not have to cue with the general enquiries or licence renewal queues on the left hand side.

[What documentation to bring for a TRN]
In general note that you have to bring originals AND copies of the documents asked for, as the registration office will not make any copies for you.

* a filled in AKR / ANR form (blue) - make sure to fill it out in BLACK pen
* two identical ID photos
* a valid ID / passport PLUS a copy
* a valid visa PLUS a copy
* a valid driver's licence (PLUS a copy)
* proof of address / residence PLUS a copy
A utility bill less than three months old with the right address in your own name is sufficient. For a foreigner new to the country this can be tricky, but it works if you have instead:
1) a signed tatement from your landlord stating that you live there
2) a authorized copy of your landlord's ID (at the police station or PostNet)
3) a utility bill stating both the name and address of your host (<3 months old)
* proof of (intention to) purchase of the vehicle in question PLUS a copy
* either the certificate of registration of the vehicle
* or the signed offer to purchase

And additionaly you need to bring - depending on your situation:

If you are employed in South Africa and have a valid working visa
* proof of employment PLUS a copy

If you are studying
* proof of studies PLUS a copy

If you are requesting in name of a company
* SARS (South Africa Revenue Service) registration of the company

If you are an accompanying spouse
* an "avidavit" signed and stamped at a police station. This is a sworn statement indicating why you need a TRN.
* (a copy of your spouse's ID / passport)
* (a copy of your spouse's visa if foreign)
* (a valid marriage certificate PLUS a copy)
* (a proof of address for your spouse)

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