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Nature lovers, it's for you! (Puerto Rico)

I will be happy to propose this overnight trip for nature lovers. I have been thinking about it for long now. I can take care of all details and help you to organize this meet up event.
I live in Ponce by the sea in area called Las Cucharas. There is a 2 deserted island about 1 ml from the shore and a small coral reef around it. Here is a coordinates for one of the islands to see it on Google Earth:
Longitude: 66°40'54.65"W
I explored the island by my self 2 times and it's lovely small island. We can camp on it over night. To get there we can boat peddle to it. A reef and waters round the island clean and nice for snorkeling, fishing. Around the island I’ve seen manatees. So, if we will be lucky we can have manatee to play with! At the middle of island a little pool with sea water. I am wondering if there is a luminescent bio organisms? We can discover this! We can make a camp fire and just listening to the night, the breeze and the sea after dinner, day of exploration on the reef and peddling activities. I will guarantee you the full tranquility and soaking in to the beauty of the night time surrounded by friends! No big waves around on this site of the Caribbean Sea. So, it will be safe to puddle.
From the shore we can visit the Laguna De Las Celinas. It’s salty water lagoon. And we can explore it by boat peddling by a days and at night if you wish. There could be also a luminescent bio organisms find in the water. It will be so much fun to find out if it’s so. I have been in the bio bay excursion before and tell you it’s just fantastic experience!
There is also long empty sandy beach not far from lagoon. I am often walking there by my self and meditating. Lovely long beach with dark send.
Here is the plan.
Friday night.
Arriving to Las Cucharas National Reserve to the beach. Make a camp, make a fire, cook some meal, socialize and get rest.
After breakfast puddle to the island. Snorkeling, fishing at the day time round the island. Camp at night on the island.
After breakfast puddle back to shore and to the lagoon. Explore the lagoon life, have some lunch after exploration. Snorkel in the reef round the shore, see some fish and lobsters . Pack and leave back home.
You have to have with you every thing you need for 2 nights camping including sleeping bag or inflatable mattress , food, water, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, peddling boats, photo camera, night flash lights, change clothes. Take long sleeves shorts and light long pants for peddling and snorkeling. Believe me the sun screen will not protect you completely for whole day in the water activities. Your clothes and the hat will.
Any one who like the idea please get in touch with me to set up date for this trip. I will be glad to answer your questions.

Looking forward to hear from you.

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