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Banking between Ecuador and the U.S. (Quito)

Hi all,

Can anyone comment on the best way (or ANY way) to transfer money between Quito and a U.S. bank account on a regular basis? I am relocating to Quito but need to continue making monthly payments for a student loan in the U.S. I haven't been successful in finding any option beyond the typical international wire transfer, at about $30 per transaction. Is anyone else making regular payments to the U.S.?

Related questions: Does anyone receive a direct deposit of their Ecuadorian salary into a U.S. bank account or know if it's possible? Is there any Ecuadorian bank that is more convenient for wire transfers and other international needs? I know that Banco del Pacifico used to have a branch in Florida, but I don't think that bank exists anymore, right?

Thanks for any help!

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