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Hotels in Quito

Hi everyone,

I'm back in Quito now, having been home for a little under 3 months. I'm living with my wife and her parents in the Villa Flora neighbourhood. Quick question for you all; my wife and I are finally having our church ceremony on December 19th and my parents want to come to that. They missed the civil ceremony in January. At the moment, my parents are pretty set on staying in a hotel, even though they have the offer of staying for free with my wife's uncle. So I've got 2 questions for you
1) Is it true there is a serious risk of theft in a lot of the hotels in Quito? My wife and her family keep telling me that, but they' very set on my parents staying with my wife's uncle so I'm not sure if I should take their advice with a pinch of salt or not.

2) Can you recommend a decent hotel for my parents to stay at? They can't afford places like the Hilton Colon. They want somewhere with wifi, breakfast & not too far from Villa Flora, if that's possible.

Many thanks all


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