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Investing in Ecuador (Quito)

A few members have inquired about the better banking alternatives in Ecuador.

Although that has been answered in several threads, it would be useful for the expat community to receive some information on passive investing in Ecuador.

In addition to the better rates offered by banks on time deposits vs. those abroad, there are additional investment alternatives that can supplement income.

Specifically, I serve as investment director at Fideval SA, a trust and fund management business with over $2B US in assets under management and/or custodianship. We are a regulated institution, and have over 15 years of experience in the field.

With the recent law requiring that banks divest from non-core banking services, we have been able to grow our Fund business exponentially, and in effect, I present two of our fixed-income funds for your consideration.

Fund-Fondo Real:
Is similar to a Money-Market Fund, composed of short term fixed income securities (Primarily Bank issued notes)

It requires a minimum investment amount of $1,000 USD and funds can be withdrawn by providing 4 business days notice.

In the past Quarter FondoReal had a net annualized yield of 5.0%.

Fund-Fixed 90:
Is a mid term fixed income fund, which requires a minimum initial investment of $25,000 USD.

After an investment period of 90 Days, funds can be withdrawn by providing 15 business days notice.

In the past Quarter Fixed90 had a net annualized yield of 6.0%

The above is entirely for informational services, and I would look forward to providing any member of the Internations Quito/Ecuador community with further information.

Likewise, if there are any industry related questions, I would be glad to serve as a contact. Simply send me a private message, and if it is of general concern, I will re-post the information in the general forum so everyone may benefit.

Have fun!

Pablo Andrade

Quito Forum