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Ñan magazine (Quito)

Hello all,

Just a word to shamelessly promote the magazine I edit with a great team here in Ecuador. It's called Ñan. It's a bi-monthly travel magazine in English and Spanish. Every issue focuses on just one route or region, allowing us to scratch the surface of the country, one issue at a time. It's a great magazine for locals and for expats looking for inspiration.You can find copies at Super/Megamaxis, Libri Mundi, Mr Books, hotels and at the airport, etc. Price: $5.50 per issue. We are working on our website now, and we will have the tablet version up by the end of October. But do look out for the print version and send us your feedback. The current issue is all about travelling the Ecuadorian railways. Next up in December, we return to Cuenca!

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