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Potentially fraudulent Passports Warning (Quito)


In October Protected content Wife (American) and myself (Canadian) approached Patrick Minga as an advertised "facilitator" for the visitors and residency visa application process in Ecuador. During this process he provided us with documents to fill out which would, if utilized, be a fraudulent statements of our retirement income as applicable to the Ecuadorian application rules.
Minga took an $800 deposit to begin filing other documents on our behalf. After many excuses and the expiration of his guaranteed time for results, we hired a local immigration lawyer to investigate and discovered nothing had been filed on our behalf. Minga agreed on several occasions to return our money but never showed up for the appointments.

During this process he indicated that he could get me an Ecuadorian Passport in order to bypass the 3 months maximum allowed time out of Ecuador during the first two years of residency. I insisted that he explain how this could occur as my job as a commercial pilot requires extensive travel and freedom of movement and could not be risked on a process which could not be explained or verified. Again with the immigration lawyer in Quito we inquired about this possibility of an Ecuadorian passport and it is legally impossible.

Patrick Minga exhibits signs of extreme paranoia. He at one point would only speak on the phone and not respond to written emails due to his assertion I was a CIA agent. He falsely accused my wife of stalking him during a period of time he was unaware we were not even on the continent. In his latest outlandish accusation he asserts we are planning to kidnap his children. The guy is certifiable. When confronted about the fraudulent documents and not having filed a single document at Immigration, Minga had a screaming fit, made threatening and racist remarks. He sent us pictures from the movie Planet of the Apes and told me to get my African Woman under control, said that Black Woman were fine provided it was the 70's.

Our bigger concern is that other Canadian or American citizens unknowingly may submit falsified documents, face fines, deportation, jail time or be travelling back to North America on fake or illegally obtained passports through Minga’s “contacts” in the Ecuadorian government with whom he met for lunch on Fridays at the Swiss Hotel.

Minga has also remarked that he had recorded our phone calls and filmed/taped our conversations without our knowing. Now that he has been arrested for child sex trafficking, I suppose the District Attorney in Quito will have to wait their turn.

Patrick Minga is an American citizen and the proprietor of the Quito Hotel Bonanza, Pampa Calle K – 7 – 175, Pomoski, Quito, Ecuador.
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