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T3 Visa question for a friend (Quito)


Hello everyone,

I have an American friend who is trying to return to Ecuador but isn't sure when she is eligible to do so.

She arrived last year on 5 November Protected content was issued a 90-day T3 visa. She then obtained the six-month extension visa Protected content on 6 February Protected content . She has since returned to the USA, and since her visa 12-IX is expired, has been told by immigration officers that she will be allowed to return to Ecuador with a new T3 visa starting on 5 November Protected content . However, the Ecuadorian consulate in the USA has told her that she won't be able to enter with a new T3 visa until 6 February Protected content .

Does anyone have any insight into this issue? I hope my explanation wasn't too confusing. When is the correct date that she'll be able to enter Ecuador again with a 90 day tourist visa?

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