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Thinking on moving to Quito



First of all I want to thank the forum administrator (-s( for adding me to the forum. I believe I am in a need of your advices on living in Quito.

There is a possibility to move to live to Quito for couple of years. I have read so many nice things about Quito and it seems to be a lovely place but the worrying thing is the crime. I read a lot of bad things happening in Quito but I do think sometimes it can be overly exaggerated. Nevertheless, my worry is that I am tall (5'10 or 177cm), blonde and have 2 blonde, blue eyed children who would stand out in the crowd. The safety of their well being is my first priority.

What are your experience with living in Quito and the crimes that do happen in your area? Any advices? How big is expat community? I would love to discover a new country and culture but the sexual assault, murder, and express kidnapping crime rate is really worrying me.

I would appreciate your input and thank you for your time in advance!


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