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RAK InterNations Community (Ras Al-Khaimah)

Dear RAK Members,

You have been receiving a few emails recently when RAK InterNations Group was upgraded to community to keep you informed on what was happening.

As the new nominated ambassador I wanted to give you some time to understand what really changed and what opportunities were given to us as a community before opening discussions on how we can help our community to grow.

One of the most important thing I discussed with our Headquarters in Germany during the transition period is that RAK Members still have the priviledge to receive invitations from our ambassadors in Dubai for their official events. Two reasons behind: Protected content have strong ties with Dubai members and we still want to meet with all the nice people we have been meeting the last 2 years and, Protected content of us in RAK have a lot of members from Dubai in our network who we still want to be in contact with.

However, the expectations from Germany is also to make RAK in a short period of time a community by itself with more members joining. Therefore, be an active member and invite other professionals to join our community and make it a platform where we can share our experience.

I also look forward to receiving your suggestions with regards to new venues or existing ones where you would like us to organise our events. Looking forward to more interactions with each of you,

RAK Ambassador

Ras Al-Khaimah Forum