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Family move from the UK to reykjavik (Reykjavík)

Hi everyone,

My family and i, husband, chihuahua and 2 under 5's are hoping to move to reykjavik, hopefully in the next 5 years.
There is so much we would like to know and while the internet is a great source of info, it eould be nice to get advice and guidance from others in our situation.

I am 24 and i am now a sahm. I have hypermobility, arthritis and osteoporosis in my spine.
my hubby, anth, is 25 and a fitness instructor.
our 2 children who will be relocating with us are lettie Protected content jakobi Protected content has autism, adhd, lactose intolerance and hydroureteronephrosis of the kidneys - basically kidney disease & we also have mojo, our 7 month old chihuahua.

These are the things we would like to know, off the top of my head lol

1) what is the healthcare system like for those with additional needs as well as general needs? Are there many children's specialist's?

2) what is the tolerance like for children and adults with special educational needs? Is there much in place to help them and us parents?

3) what is the welfare system like? At the moment we claim dla for myself and my son as well as carers for my son. What would we be entitled to over in reykjavik?

4) whats employment like and the financial climate? Does the cost of living match the rate of income? Are there many part time employment positions for a disabled mum of 2? How respected and flexible can parents be?

5) whats the general cost of living like? Is housing and food affordable? Is tax and other living costs reasonable? What supermarkets are available and home delivery? Whats the cost of running a car like?

6) will we need visa's and other documents? Will i be able to bring our chihuahua with us?

Sorry for the 10 million questions lol
we are very excited and can't wait to get everything into place!

Hayleigh x

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