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Applying for temporary residence (Riga)


Hi everyone,

I arrived in Riga just over a month ago and I'm currently staying in student accomodation. I understand that for an EU citizen, once they have lived in Latvia for 90 days they must leave if they have not applied for temporary residence.

Can anyone tell me how this process works? i.e. what documents I need and where I need to go..?

I have read a few things online but alot of it seems outdated. As I am a student I am currently not earning anything (and it seems, or at least seemed that you needed to be earning 93 Lats per month to acquire residence rights), but I would prefer to stay in Riga as opposed to relocating back to my University town in Estonia (where they kindly gave me residence rights for 5 years!!) because I am writing my dissertation on Latvian society, so it makes more sense to stay here, at least until September when I need to hand it in!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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