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General Info re Latvia (Riga)


New to this forum, we are currently residing in Canada but might get the opportunity to relocate to Riga in the future and have a few questions:

Importation of house hold goods, does any taxes apply.

Purchasing property in Latvia would there be any issues for an EU citizen. We are not city people and need a garden to be happy and I don't mind a commute.

Availability of international schooling, our younger daughter is 13 yrs old.

Availability of sports, our daughter is a competitive swimmer and actively involved in dingy sailing. Would she be able to find these activities bearing in mind her English, German & some Swedish language.

Pets, we have a dog what would be required to allow us take her with us.

Importation of vehicles, this as I have an antique car and motorcycle which I'm quite attached to.

Will no doubt have more questions later on.

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