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Info for a possible newcomer with a young child (Riga)


I’m in an information-gathering phase to see how I might build a life for my 3yo daughter (Vija) and I in the Riga/Jurmala/other area, starting perhaps next summer. I’m a single mom and professional astronomer, with a possibility to take my research grants with me to live where I want. And where I want is to stretch my grants the farthest, so that I can enjoy more time with my little girl and not experience the insane childcare and medical costs and other crazy lifestyle that living in the US entails. I have dual Latvian and US citizenship. My daughter has US and will soon have Latvian citizenship as well. We both do not speak the language, although I have a good language learning library to help us both learn. (She is speaking bilingual in Spanish and English.. I have no doubt she will learn the Latvian language too).

I would be very interested to virtually meet other parents of young children living in the Riga/nearby area, in order to know what are good neighborhoods for kids (my little girl is very sociable), and how the preschool system works, especially. This info will determine my further needs for housing, etc., and if this is a workable plan for my daughter and I.

Parents of young kids are you out there...? Everyone, thank you so much for taking the time to read this.


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