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playriga project (searching for people) (Riga)

We need people from different countries to explore Riga together with us:
(Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, other countries) is the project about the city of Riga
but what's the difference between it and Protected content web sites about Riga?
well, a lot of difference... for example:

There are many sections, for example: Cafes, Restaurants, Things to see, and more...

Every section starts with one page and grows with more and more pages. All pages are connected to the choice object and can be rated by visitors of the site (with no need to register).

The choice ( Protected content ) shows the top 7 rated pages in each category and this allows you the visitor to find the most interesting things in Riga and plan your trip.

Every page can turn into a category and include a list of subpages of its own.

The information in this site grows according to subjects that are interesting to people who want to know more about Riga and according to subjects that are interesting to participants of playriga project.

If you want to participate in playriga project than please write to Protected content

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