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Bank account - How to open without the CIE/RNE (Rio de Janeiro)


Does anybody have experience in opening a bank account (corrente or poupanca) in a Brazilian Bank in the State of Rio de Janeiro?

Kindly notice that I currently only have the PROTOCOL number (temporary visa) - a qualified guess is that it will take another Protected content before I get the RNE in a digital format and some Protected content months more before I get it as a CIE (identity card with the RNE).

I visited the Caixa Economica today and spoke to the manager of the branch. Even though he really wanted to help me I got the information that without the CIE/RNE it's impossible to open an account.

Does anybody hold (or held) a bank account WITHOUT the RNE?

Kindly be as specific as possible if you have any good advice on how to progress since I really need a bank account.



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