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Dengue Fever - Facts for Visitors and Foreigners in Town (Rio de Janeiro)

Folks, as you´ve probably read on the media, we in Rio are under a severe Dengue Fever epidemics, with almost 70.000 cases confirmed. But if you follow some tips, you will be safe:

- Bug repellent at all times if going to an infected area (this year, the worst places are on North and West sides of Rio)
- If hiking inside forests, wear pants, since the mosquito that carries the Dengue Fever virus (aedes aegypti) usually flies close to the ground.

If you feel any of the following symptoms, DO NOT TAKE PAINKILLERS (except for Paracethamol), drink plebty of water and contact a health service:
- Pain (specially on elbows, knees, fingers, head, sometimes the eyes)
- High fever (39ºC and up)
- Nausea
- Tiny red spots around the body

If you had Dengue Fever before and feel one of these, go to a doctor as fast as you can. In most of the cases, the disease lasts for a week, and won´t cause you no further harm.

For more info, two good pages:
CDC (US Govt.) info on Dengue Fever (English)
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Health Ministry of Brazil info on Dengue (Portuguese)

Stay safe :)

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